Scribe to Typing

Steps to show how a dyslexic learner can move from using a scribe to typing independently

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The key aim of Aiding Dyslexia is to support students with a SpLD so that they can lead independent lives following their own passions and interests without being restrained unduly by their difficulties. A key issue for many students is literally writing what they want to say. This barrier not only makes achieving in the school system virtually impossible it makes leading an independent adult life far more complicated than it needs to be. One of our team members has prepared this chart to show how developing touch typing skills can enable a student to fulfill their potential without the necessity for a scribe. Although this chart starts at KS3 these skills could be taught much earlier in a students life. The benefit of being able to record one’s thoughts and aspirations legibly is literally transforming for students and as their self confidence and independence increases so does their self esteem and they surprise themselves with their achievement.